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Master of Fine Arts in Professional Screenwriting Program

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Course ID
On Campus
1 Year
Course Level
500, 600, 700

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

A Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited college or University with an overall GPA of 2.5 or better,
or a GPA of 2.75 or higher achieved in the last 90 quarter units with a profieciency in english, TOEFL score of atleast a 79(IBT) or IELTS score of 6 or more

  • Cost per Quarter Unit $430
  • 4.5 unit quarter course $1935
Become a part of NU’s global alumni community.
The MFA in Professional Screenwriting program includes four-week classes.
National University is San Diego’s largest private nonprofit university.

Learn to write compelling, well-structured stories with memorable characters and prepare for a career in film, TV, and media — without moving to Hollywood. The Master of Fine Arts in Professional Screenwriting includes year-round enrollment in three immersive areas of study: screenwriting, television writing, and transmedia (graphic novels, web entertainment, comics, etc.).

The MFA Screenwriting online and LA-based program prepares you to work in fields like commercial, industrial or independent film, TV and transmedia writing or development, digital entertainment media and communication, and educational or instructional media programs. You’ll complete the program with a minimum of two feature-length screenplays, teleplays or transmedia projects, along with a compelling aesthetic statement and a marketing plan and pitch.

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to write professional-level scripts, to participate in the ongoing scholarly and critical discussions of issues in the field of film, TV and transmedia writing, and to present your work to the entertainment industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

Differentiate critical points of view in the analyses and interpretation of films, television shows, screenplays, and other entertainment content.
Using films, television programs, and transmedia IPs analyze the principles of writing in these varied media.
Demonstrate critical reflection and viewpoint in evaluating the work of peers and others.
Generate original and/or adapted narrative screenplays, TV scripts, or transmedia IPs employing the principles of these respective disciplines through various stages from introductory level to mastery.
Articulate a critical understanding of self in relation to creativity and the influence of cultural and societal issues.
Analyze and/or design and generate a marketing plan/pitch using the principles of entertainment industry marketing.