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Limina Academics is a leading US Education Consultants in Delhi

Every student aspires for good Quality Education, better prospects in life that lead to better future for generations ahead. Compromises are often willingly made subject to one’s circumstances, locale, and monetary constraints. Education breaths fresh life, infuses new ideas into the mind, open doors to a brighter future, unconquered vistas that one never imagines to be possible and turn into reality.

The common thread between the founders of Limina was upliftment of today’s youth in India. We all stood together in that commitment and promised to provide a solid foundation and platform that would help the aspiring youth to build their future smoothly and provide wings to the dreams they dreamt endlessly. What better than to bring quality education to the doorstep of every aspiring student of this country. The founders at Limina Academics – best USA Education Consultants in Delhi were looking for a 360 development of the students so that they could be better armed, groomed to conquer the world out there.

At this juncture, National University was looking for seasoned professional Indians who knew the pulse of the youth, had interacted with them at grassroot level, understood their potential and capabilities. It was then that the three committed people to the task of uplifting the youth and the society of India joined hands to become an unbeatable team who had vast successful experience in their own respected fields, to come together to take up this cause of delivering Quality Education to the aspiring students of India.
Thus Limina Academics Pvt Ltd, best USA International Education Consulting Company was founded in 2018 after giving a deep thought to its Vision, Mission and Philosophy.