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Key Alliance program of The Limina, Best USA International Education Consulting Company, offers you a chance to be related with the pioneer and the most regarded brand in USA Education Consultancy, giving your business the required believability push. A portion of our real qualities are:

Who can be our Strategic Alliance Partner?
The Limina chooses its union accomplices with most extreme consideration. We direct an exhaustive due tirelessness before concluding an accomplice. A portion of the base necessities that Limina coalition accomplice must have are:

  • Region required : 500-1000 sq feet
  • Venture required : Rs.4-5 Lakhs
  • National ad pool (between The Limina and franchisee)
  • An abnormal state of intrigue and duty to Overseas Education as a business.
  • A solid enterprising soul and enthusiasm to succeed.
  • Sufficient money related assets.
  • Responsibility to most abnormal amount of value in expectations.
  • Eagerness and want to get familiar with the different subtleties of overseeing training business.
  • Neighborhood will be the duty of franchisee.


Limina Academics – USA Education Consultants in Delhi offers total business solutions for education abroad, especially in the USA. We provide a pathway that gives the franchise a comprehensive idea of what is entailed in setting up an education consultancy that is primarily USA centric.

Limina believes in handholding the franchise to set it on the course to success, providing all the necessary inputs such that the franchise is set on a firm footing. Limina will leverage its brand name and goodwill to bring credibility to the franchise to ensure that the best practices are followed in the interest of the students that seek help to fulfill their academic goals, particularly in the USA.

  • Be a piece of a retreat free industry.
  • Complete answers for understudies (from guiding to admission to credits to VISA).
  • Most provoke bolster administrations for franchisees.
  • High overall revenues.
  • Projects with admissions consistently, consequently enlistments consistently.
  • Low speculations, exceptional yields.
  • The Limina Goodwill, Brand, Quality.
  • Chance to investigate the best training business sector (5,000 Indian understudies leave for USA consistently. This figure is set to traverse next couple of years).
  • Chance of uncovering the Indian white-collar class applicants to the No/Low cost quality instruction in few of the best colleges of the world.
  • Generosity of the Asia’s greatest instruction specialists for USA with unmatched mastery in USA Education.
  • Experience of sending the most noteworthy number of understudies to USA for instruction and profession working for last such huge numbers of years.
  • Ordinary preparing to keep up the learning remainder.
  • Decreases the franchisee’s weight just to the degree of directing and enlisting the understudy. Post which organization contributes and straightforwardly gives present enlistment benefits on understudy.
  • Advertising and Sales Support to the accomplices.
  • Intelligent Help work area framework.
  • Consistent innovative work.
  • ACT!!! A progressed CRM for better enquiry the board and transformation Multiple income streams.
  • Complete hand holding.
  • Here’s an open door for you to be a franchisee of The Calculus, the pioneers and the biggest Education Consultancy in Asia for USA. Presently additionally began with France.