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What They're Saying

Limina pushes you at each phase of your application procedure and ensures you don’t discover a deterrent anyplace along your way.

Manuela Kant

Limina will assist you with all the procedure, you don’t need to stress over anything. Professors are a much higher quality than other colleges

Amanda Vera

Directly from the earliest starting point of applying to the colleges and the visa procedure, Limina made the voyage exceptionally smooth and bother free.

Manuela Gomes

I love the class format of 4 weeks for non-lab classes and 8 weeks for lab science classes! It’s pretty intense, but if you are trying to knock out your goals as quickly as you can, this is the way to go! Having most of my classes online really is nice too because I can log in at my own leisure for the most part, and do my assignments when I’m not working.

Angelina Mathew

National University is a school that allows Clark County School District employees or any student a chance to full fill a college degree at a fast pace. It helps employees of the Clark County School District, as myself, become a licensed teacher with the convenience of taking classes online. Probably will be for the next century as they pump all the money into maintaining it.

George Fernades

It is not a school for children that is for sure. Staff turnover is pretty common but like anything civilian there are no penalties for not doing a good turnover so the students tend to suffer in admin. Not a problem for most Veterans since we are used to handling our own business so we tend to get by better, and we don’t complain as much.

Susan Paul