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If you would like to study at the University in the heart of the city that focuses on changing the world for a better tomorrow, you’re choosing the right place. Limina Academics – best USA Education Consulting Company We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit our community with a full range of backgrounds.

Limina – USA Education Consultants in Delhi, itself means crossing over, passing the threshold that vital point of change to crossover to another world, the land of opportunity. The inverted ‘i’ in the logo indicates that your world is changing, it inverts when you crossover the threshold. The color blue resonates the seriousness of a purpose and mission, the cuts in the base define the sharpness and dynamism we embody in spirit within our company. The vertical shape points towards the upward growth of an individual as a hold.


Limina Academics – Best USA International Education Consulting Company sees agency partnerships as growth engines. We are working with credible agencies across India
and are keen to expand this network further with a view to recruiting quality students for the universities we intend to represent. We are proud to announce that we are the sole partner and representative of National University, San Diego in India. At this juncture, our main thrust is to promote the University and ensure that their international student body has a larger representation from India. We are confident that we will be able to build strong ties with our partner agents in a manner that is mutually beneficial.

Limina’s Mission is to introduce the Indian student’s aspiring to study in the USA to a seamless admissions process. We aim to ensure the best course fit, provide advice for transitioning, assist with the consulate interviews, help with pre-departure preparations and offer any other help that the student may require. We intend to engage with our students until they comfortably arrive at the university of their choice. Limina sees itself as the bridge between the student and the university he aspires to go to, and in doing so, create a pool of qualified global citizens through its partners; Universities, and consultancies respectively.

Limina – BestUSA International Education Consulting Company envisions itself as the harbinger of breakthroughs in the academic arena. We have set out to bring the best in American education to our students in India. We recognize that America is the most coveted education destination in the world. It is public knowledge that the application process of American Universities for their programs is contingent on the SAT, GRE, and GMAT for undergrad, postgrad and MBA respectively. Limina – Best USA International Education Consulting Company has partnered with National University to bring their academic of erings sans the SAT, GRE, and GMAT. Limina realizes that a lot of highly eligible students slip through the cracks because of these hurdles and end up in universities in Canada, U.K, New Zealand and Australia to name a few.

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We are the leading USA Education Consultants in Delhi

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Our involvement in USA instruction and Indian training is essentially unparallel

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Limina is India’s Largest Leading USA International Education Consulting Company expertise in USA education

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Till date, Limina is the main US Education consultants in Delhi ensure affirmations for education in the USA

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We give free consultancy administrations to generally programs

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Limina - US Education Consultants in Delhi - provide a threshold to a new life, a new beginning, new career, new experience etc to the youth.

Together we have committed ourselves to provide quality education to the doorstep of every aspiring Indian. What better than to bring the experience of American Education, the center of the world powerhouse to your doorstep, the land of progress and opportunity, the golden gate to success, to thinking ahead of time be the front runner of every race. America lays huge emphasis on delivering Quality Education, to tap into the unexplored dimensions of the human mind. National University brings this opportunity to India to experience world-class education and open new horizons for everyone to explore.

National University chose to become exclusive partners with Limina Academics Pvt. Ltd in July 2018 to deliver the experience of American Education in India with both online and on-campus programs. Limina Academics – USA Education Consultants in Delhi has made its mission to bring world-class Quality Education to every Indian doorstep, provide an opportunity to grow, excel, and compete as equal with the world.

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LIMINA help you with admissions in the U.S exclusively for National University

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