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Our office is well versed in putting together a Student Visa file. Every nation has distinctive tenets with regards to filing student Visas. We make it our business to keep abreast of any changes in the rules and regulations concerning visa applications for our students, regardless of the country they choose for their academic pursuits.

We assist with:

  • Getting the paperwork in place for a student Visa
  • Putting the Visa file in order
  • Checking the requisite documentation
  • Advising on payment of visa charges
  • Check the visa application for the culmination
  • All essential documentation/frames are joined
  • Preparing the student for a visa interview.
  • Make suggestions for refilling a visa in case there is a rejection.
  • Financial counseling, for requisite funds, loan documents needed, account statements, etc
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We give help on the accompanying:

  • Get the application frame for the Visa
  • Fruition of the application frame
  • The going with documentation required
  • Right visa application charge is encased
  • Check the visa application for culmination
  • All essential documentation/frames is joined
  • Guidance the understudy on the best way to act amid the interview
  • On the off chance that the visa application is unsuccessful, exhort if application ought to be refilled or discount educational cost charge store

The understudy ought to be watchful about the accompanying focuses:

  • The visa ought not be connected without the Unconditional Offer/shapes, A Visa connected for with the contingent offer will be rejected.
  • Guarantee that the first testaments and records are exhibited for the Visa.
  • The Financial articulation gave ought to go along the visa rules.
  • Notice any past visits to the nation.
  • Notice any visa that had been connected for and had been rejected.
  • Give right insights concerning the place of home with the required contact subtleties.