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Where To Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programs

As a National University student or alumni, you have the opportunity to enrich your educational experience by participating in our study abroad program.

National University is connected with universities from around the world, allowing you to go on faculty-led excursions to such countries as: Germany, China, France, India, Brazil, Cambodia, Japan, Argentina, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, and more.

Study abroad opportunities are designed to directly align with your specific area of study—so you can receive invaluable hands-on experiences, as well as enhance your understanding of a diverse culture. For example, if you’re in the Master’s program for public health, you can explore the public health care system of Cambodia. 

Or, you can learn about global marketing developments in India if you’re in the Bachelor of Arts program for integrated marketing communications. Immerse yourself in a foreign culture, develop new language skills, form new, lifelong relationships, and return home with a lifetime of great memories and new skills.

For information about upcoming study aboard program excursions, please contact the Office of International Affairs.

Office of International Affairs

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Why study in the USA?

The United States of America (USA) has the most number of global understudies on the planet. Quality instruction, one of a kind educational modules, multicultural condition, and plentiful open doors are only a portion of the reasons why numerous Indian understudies need to ponder in the US. American colleges and universities offer a horde of courses and projects to browse. You have the opportunity to choose the course content, as well as the structure.


How much will it cost to study in the US?

Concentrate abroad can be a costly undertaking for understudies contemplating in the US. Notwithstanding, a proficient spending plan can enable you to deal with your everyday costs all the more viably. Before you withdraw from India, guarantee that you consider costs like convenience, nourishment, wellbeing inclusion and travel alongside your educational cost charge while computing the assessed expense of concentrate in the US.


Education system in the USA

Home to the most extreme number of worldwide understudies, the US gives an assorted scope of courses for all examination levels. Here’s a once-over on the instruction arrangement of the US.

Study levels in the US

  • Primary school
  • Center school/Junior secondary school
  • Secondary school
  • Advanced education

Student visa requirements in the US

The US Government gives a chance to every single Indian understudy to examine in the nation yet as an essential, you’ll need to acquire an understudy visa first. The visa you need will rely upon your age and the sort of study you wish to seek after in the US.You’ll need to apply for your understudy visa application web-based utilizing the US Embassy and Consulates India site. You can apply up to 120 days before your planned date of program’s begin date.


What are the health and support services available in the US?

It very well may be a bit of difficult to adapt to the adjustments in your condition when you move to the UK out of the blue. With another arrangement of traditions and standards, modifying into the way of life takes some time, and you may require some help to retain everything easily. Be that as it may, in the event that you battle to alter, or feel distanced or undesirable, there are a scope of help administrations accessible to enable you to out.


Scholarships to study in the US

Concentrate in the US can turn out to be a significant costly issue, however on the off-chance that you plan well ahead of time, you can apply to a scope of grants offered by the American colleges and schools. Open to exemplary universal understudies to enable them to finance their examinations, these can be fractional or completely paid, contingent upon the criteria, course and the institution. When applying to any of these grants, ensure you check the criteria cautiously.