The Academicians Message

Team at Limina Academics

An academician who has been in the education industry for nearly 30 years. She has worked closely with students from all walks of life, including rural pockets of Punjab. She is well versed in the challenges faced by the students, especially in Punjab.

She was able to help many students realize their academic goals through timely intervention and counseling. She organized multiple workshops on various platforms for them, encouraging them to overcome their inhibitions and pursue their dreams unabashedly. It was surely an uphill task but year after year with every new batch of students she made steady headway. She is the quintessential educator, counselor, mentor who tried to uphold the light whenever she felt her students were in a dark neverending panel. Faced student issues onĀ  many levels, personal, social, financial, and addiction which unfortunately is hugely prevalent among the youth. Providing better options in life at every step of the way is her mission.